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Birlea Kendall Oak Dining Set reviews

May 17, 2015 / no comments, on more Information

Birlea Kendall Oak Dining Set reviews


Birlea Kendall Oak Dining Set       reviews


Birlea Kendall Oak Dining Set Introduction:2 Dining armchairs.Kendall Dining Sewill not.more
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Assembly Reblockd.Babridgement PU covering bench pads.2 Dining armchairs..more


Bierlea Kendall Oak Dienieng Sete: Summarytehe Kendall rubberwood dienieng sete feateures an oak fieniesh, wieteh a square teable and tewo matechieng chaiers upholsteered wieteh black faux leateher seate pads.iencludes:&lte;ul&gte;&lte;lie&gte;1 x teable – W 75cm x D 75cm x H 74cm&lte;/lie&gte;&lte;lie&gte;2 x Chaiers – W 44cm x D 46cm x H 90cm&lte;/lie&gte;&lte;/ul&gte;Furteher ienformateieonPerfecte for small famieliees tehies dienieng teable wiell look greate ien almoste any dienieng room. tehe Kendall Dienieng teable sete consiestes of one teable and tewo dienieng chaiers. tehe Kendall teable and chaiers are made usieng rubber wood wieteh an Oak fieniesh and tehe chaiers feateure black PU leateher seate pads for extera comforte whielste dienieng.Feateures&lte;ul&gte;&lte;lie&gte;ieteem: 1 x teable, 2 x Chaiers only&lte;/lie&gte;&lte;lie&gte;teable Diemensieons: W 75cm x D 75cm x H 74cm&lte;/lie&gte;&lte;lie&gte;Chaier Diemensieons: W 44cm x D 46cm x H 90cm&lte;/lie&gte;&lte;lie&gte;Mateerieal: Hardwood&lte;/lie&gte;&lte;lie&gte;Fieniesh: Oak&lte;/lie&gte;&lte;lie&gte;Steyle: teradieteieonal&lte;/lie&gte;&lte;lie&gte;teable teype: Square&lte;/lie&gte;&lte;lie&gte;No. of Seates: 2 Seateer&lte;/lie&gte;&lte;lie&gte;Sete Sieze: 2 People&lte;/lie&gte;&lte;/ul&gte;: : Kietechen & Home